Finance for Landscaping Business Owners of all Sizes, Part 1

Once you understand how to run the business by the numbers, it becomes second nature. This is something you need to learn, though, so make time to drill down on numbers. This analysis keeps you accountable and improves your ability to sleep.

Remember: It is simple. Money comes in. Money goes out.

As a business owner, the following three financial reporting documents are your friend because, together, they provide the business performance details you need

Selecting and Onboarding the Best People

This is Chapter 3 in our series on Workforce Development. Chapter 1 covered “What Makes People People” – understanding motivation. In Chapter 2 “New Models of Compensation or Pay4Performance” – understanding how to design smart compensation that drives performance. This article focuses on how to Select and Onboard the Best People.

New Models of Compensation or Pay4Performance

The place to start is radical – look at all employees as members of the sales force. Why? Sales are the only employees in the company that can affect their checks while everybody else is trading time for money. If a well designed sales compensation systems drive more sales, what would happen if people doing the work could affect their checks?