GreenMark Consulting Group Growing Managers Series: Discipline of Management

I spent several years running a leadership and management program for supervisors, managers, and executives. The following list is a summation of that experience and growing several companies. Once you have started developing your own talent, here are some rules for leading and managing.

GreenMark Consulting Group Growing Managers Series: Promote Smart

The focus on Growing Managers is hiring from within; growing your own. The same issues addressed in Articles 1 and 2 apply to hiring if you have no internal alternatives. As we move forward, view the following attributes and skills serving a dual purpose – how to identify internal candidates or screen the externals.

Not Traditional Time Management

Stop Doing Their Work Who Owns the Monkey? The following article is not traditional time management. That stuff is good and works but doesn’t address the core problem – if you are doing the wrong things, doing it well is not smart and doesn’t fit our theme about Growing Managers. I was exposed to the work of […]