7 Must-Do’s To Create A Customer Centric Culture

When I started in the landscape-snow industry some thirty years ago building customer relationships were handled much differently than today. Today; customer expectations and behaviors have changed dramatically. Today; companies must exceed the customers’ expectations with every interaction in return for customer loyalty. Your ability to deliver exceptional customer service is directly tied to your […]

The Simple Science Of Building A Unified TEAM

Yes, the boss can always; I mean most often think he/she can do it better than everyone else. The bottom line of a progressive-forward thinking organization is not driven by any one individual, it is driven through TEAMWORK. “A group does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate […]

Why I’m The Best Landscaper!

So we are are sitting across the table from the property manager as he/she asked the typical questions…”Will my grass be mowed weekly?”, answer: “why of course”, “will my beds be weed free?”, answer: “of course they will be, we weed continually”, “will my grass be green?”, “why of course, we use only the best […]

5 Reasons Why Management Must ‘ENGAGE’ With Its Team

As an owner or manager of a landscape-snow company, your engagement levels are not only influenced by how well your manager (s) does his/her job , but how effectively you, your staff and your systems and processes support others in executing day-to-day tasks. Management behavior has a trickle-down effect. Q. Do engaged leaders help produce […]