The Simple Science Of Building A Unified TEAM

Yes, the boss can always; I mean most often think he/she can do it better than everyone else. The bottom line of a progressive-forward thinking organization is not driven by any one individual, it is driven through TEAMWORK. “A group does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate […]

Why I’m The Best Landscaper!

So we are are sitting across the table from the property manager as he/she asked the typical questions…”Will my grass be mowed weekly?”, answer: “why of course”, “will my beds be weed free?”, answer: “of course they will be, we weed continually”, “will my grass be green?”, “why of course, we use only the best […]

5 Reasons Why Management Must ‘ENGAGE’ With Its Team

As an owner or manager of a landscape-snow company, your engagement levels are not only influenced by how well your manager (s) does his/her job , but how effectively you, your staff and your systems and processes support others in executing day-to-day tasks. Management behavior has a trickle-down effect. Q. Do engaged leaders help produce […]

The Difference Between The Engaged Owner And The Disengaged Owner

Every day I engage with owners of both small and medium sized businesses. I am always amazed at the various levels of engagement owners have with their company and its employees. Some are very engaged and aware of every facet of their organization and some are actually quite hands-off and sometimes even delusional as to […]