The Organization That Renews Itself: Lasting Value From Lean Principles

One of the words I most often hear from my clients today is ‘lean’. The next thing I hear is “we want to be a lean green money making machine”. While this quote is quite apropos for the green-industry, there is more to being lean than just the word and a catchy phrase. Today; building […]

It Is My Opinion… The Post-Merger Integration Of The Brickman Group Ltd. LLC & ValleyCrest, LLC

As Released July 1, 2014 Brickman Group Press Release “The Merger completion on June 30 of Maryland based Brickman Group, Ltd. LLC and California based ValleyCrest Companies, LLC creates the industry’s largest-leading landscape Services Company”. For months, we have all been waiting for this day to arrive; the finalization of the BIGGEST merger deals in […]

Optimizing your CASH FLOW for Survival in 2015!

One of the biggest challenges of the small business owner is managing cash flow for funding current operations, business expansion and the preverbal ‘rainy day fund’. Nine out of ten clients I talk to have no cash for emergencies. The business works strictly from a ‘cash-flow’ standpoint and relies on its customers to pay its […]

8 Talent Acquisition Strategies For The Small Company

I hear so often how difficult it is to find talent for the small landscape company. I often tell my clients, it’s not that hard if you have your magnet out to attract. I received a question from a potential client last week….His question was…. How do I turn my recruiting challenges into recruiting opportunities? […]

7 Must-Do’s To Create A Customer Centric Culture

When I started in the landscape-snow industry some thirty years ago building customer relationships were handled much differently than today. Today; customer expectations and behaviors have changed dramatically. Today; companies must exceed the customers’ expectations with every interaction in return for customer loyalty. Your ability to deliver exceptional customer service is directly tied to your […]