September 11, 2017…Remembering the Innocent…

As the 16th year anniversary of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks is upon us, we must never forget those who perished or sacrificed their lives for others.
I personally hope in some way that in our 21st century where everything is expected yesterday, and it seems that many of our attention spans are often less than the length of a 30-minute sitcom or the length of a random thought on a tweet that we continue to remember the meaning of the National Day of Service and Remembrance

The Role of the Trusted Advisor

In our final article for the moment on the ‘trusted Advisor’ role, you must understand that relationships with clients can change over time, and for a variety of unexpected reasons: a change in management, strategy or culture, or an adjustment in the need for assistance. In my years of running an landscape/snow consulting firm, I’ve […]

Sell Into the Economy, Not Against it

We perform market research and are frequently asked “so how does this impact my business”? Trying to provide a simple answer with immediate action steps forced us to develop a smarter approach. The following is what we use to run our business and the advice we provide. Start with looking at the economy as a […]